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Universal Medica Group: privileged partner of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

Universal Medica Group has grown to become a privileged partner of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Universal Medica Group has developed a strong network of scientific and marketing experts throughout Europe and overseas.
We bring added value through our expertise in the pharma and biotech industries.
The success of our projects is the result of our know-how, a unique and pragmatic approach, our clinical skills and our customers’ satisfaction.

Services for Pharma: Universal Medica

Since 2000, Universal Medica has been a fully integrated consultancy company providing insight in clinical, commercial and capital solutions.
Universal Medica is a privileged partner for pharmaceutical companies. Its quality of resources and its experience positions Universal Medica as an expert of clinical, medical, environmental, KOL management, marketing and communication activities.

Services for Biotech: Universal Biotech

Universal Biotech, delivers proficiency in Strategy, Finance, Management, Innovation and Marketing to its customers.
Universal Biotech has also launched the annual Universal Biotech Innovation Prize, an initiative acknowledging innovative talent and the development of new products and devices in the biotechnology industry.

Lifescience Insight: Lifescience Outlook

The Lifescience Outlook platform is dedicated to business insight solutions as well as events related to main trends specifically in lifescience.
Conferences and workshops are organized throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. Customized reports and studies are published on demand. Innovation is the key theme at the heart of the events we present on this platform.