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Chinese Pharma & Biotech Press Review


The China Pharma and Biotech Press Review (CPBPR) is a weekly newsletter gathering news regarding health policies, pharmaceutical industries, diagnostics and medical devices market and biotechnology in China.

The CPBPR is structured around several major topics: products, industries, R&D, commercialization, M&A, partnerships, JV, strategies, regulatory reforms and drug approvals, scientific research advances, healthcare events.

It provides relevant overall visibility to help you stay informed on the main trends and latest

market opportunities & issues concerning the Chinese Healthcare Market, including an outlook on the APAC region.

Written by a team of scientific and marketing experts based in Shanghai, the “China Pharma & Biotech Press Review” is a strategic tool that delivers quality information and not-to-be-missed opportunities to predict the market growth of China and Asia. With its variety of reference sources, the CPBPR is a strategic and reliable competitive intelligence tool that reduces the gap between the Chinese market and foreign companies.