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Market Analysis Reports


Universal Medica through its subsidiary in China has developed knowledge about the Chinese healthcare market and has written reports about some hot topics in China:

Medical Devices in China (2013)

The Chinese medical devices industry has recently entered a crucial step of its development by upgrading and harmonizing its system with the international requirements. In a view of catching up with the most developed medical devices markets, China has committed into becoming the industry development leader, with a sustainable growth estimated to fluctuate between 15 to 20 percent annually over the next five years.

Clinical Trials in China (2012)

Chinese market dynamic, regulatory environment and key regulatory changes, procedures, clinical study design and planning, market drivers and market barriers of conducting clinical trials in China, main actors of the market (including identification sheets of main CROs operating in China now).

Drug safety in China (2011)

Be aware of the new MoH rules, from July 2011, tightening the ADR reporting and monitoring environment, for your company to be in line with the Chinese SFDA requirements.

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