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Import of Medical Devices in China Sees Rapid Growth

“Recently, China’s Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines and Health Products analyzed the customs statistics of 2012.   According to such statistics, the value of China’s import and export of medical device reached US$ 30.062 billion last year, increasing by 13.03%. The import value reached US$ 12.472 billion, increasing by 14.56% compared with the previous year.

Behind the growth, three features are notable:

1.         The import market is centralized.

China imported medical devices from over 100 countries during the last year, but, unsurprisingly, Europe and North America are the top two regions from which medical devices were imported into China.  Imports from Europe reached US $4.695 billion, representing 37.64% of the total imports, and imports from North America reached US $4 billion, representing 32.10% of the total imports.

2.         31 types of medical devices have import values exceeding US $100 million.

According to the statistics, the import values of 31 different types of medical devices, including, for instance, color ultrasonic diagnostic instruments, X-ray computed tomography apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging devices, exceeded US $100 million. The import value of orthopedic products has increased by 72.59%, representing the most rapid growth among all different types of medical devices.

3.         Shanghai has the largest share of the import market.

According to the statistics, 36.77% of the import value of medical devices is attributable to Shanghai, which has seen the largest import of medical devices in many years.  Among the importers in Shanghai last year, 69.51% of the companies are foreign invested.”

Source : www.insidemedicaldevices.com                           Publication Date : 2013-03-18