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15th International Workshop on Business Incubation


The big chance to know investment and start-ups combined in China, especially Shanghai
September 2-6, 2012, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai International Business Incubator (SHIBI) International workshop is the premier event in the incubation industry in China, which has attracted more than 300 industry professionals from 20 countries and regions in the world attending it in the past 14 years.
The one-week workshop features keynote speech, incubator tours and networking opportunities.

•    China’s innovation and entrepreneurship system
•    The innovation and entrepreneurial environment in Shanghai
•    Entrepreneurial pre-incubation promotes higher entrepreneurship success rate
•    Innovative practice of technological finance in the entrepreneurship
•    Developing way of business incubator combined by incubation and capital
•    Construction of professional incubation service system
•    Presentation and matchmaking with excellent start-ups in Shanghai.

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